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Signs and Symptoms of a Flatfoot

Having flatfeet sound like a cosmetic issue only, but that's far from the case. It can lead to foot pain and even cause a domino effect and contribute to knee and back pain as well since your feet are what support your entire body. Dr. David Levitsky of Clinton Foot & Ankle Clinic, serving Clinton, Jonesville, and Saline, MI, and the surrounding regions, would like you to better understand the signs and symptoms of this issue.

What Flatfeet Look Like

A flat foot is just what its name suggests -- a foot that rests flat on the ground. It has little to no arch. Some people are born with flat feet and others develop this problem over time due to unsupportive shoes or general wear and tear. 

Symptoms Associated With Flatfoot

When you visit our office, our practitioner will ask you about any symptoms you have. For many people, flatfoot causes no symptoms; the person only knows he or she has this issue by seeing the feet are flat.

Some people develop foot pain when they have flatfoot. The pain is usually around the heel or arch region of their feet. Often, physical activity will intensify the pain from flat feet. 

Besides foot pain, flatfoot can also lead to ankle and knee pain. You may also experience swelling in the inside of the ankle from flatfeet. When your foot doesn't have the proper arch, it throws how you walk out of line, which can put pressure on your ankles and knees as they're not in their proper positions.

Foot problems, including flatfeet, are notorious for causing and worsening back pain. With back pain, it's important to note that your feet support your back adequately, and it remains in a correct position when your feet are on the ground, as they should. However, your body will try to compensate for the foot support issue, which can cause poor spinal alignment in your lower back. As a result, you may develop lower back pain.

What Our Podiatrist Will Do

Our practitioner will carefully look at your feet to evaluate your arch. Our practitioner may want to watch you walk to see if one or both of your feet turn when you walk.

Based on the results, our practitioner may recommend supports or exercises you may perform to help stretch the soft tissue in your foot.

Dr. Levitsky of Clinton Foot & Ankle Clinic, serving Clinton, Jonesville, and Saline, MI, and the neighboring communities, helps those who suffer from issues as a result of a flatfoot.

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